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Our new range of High Stone Plastic Composite (HSPC) products are equipped with GermSafe technology, and are visually appealing while being extremely Scratch-Resistant. A popular choice for those with young children and pets, the growth of bacteria on the flooring surface is impeded, protecting you from potential germs and diseases.

*All products listed are 6mm in thickness.

Acquire an Advanced Antibacterial Vinyl Flooring Solution

Having a germ-free space helps with maintaining good health and the environment. But it's quite difficult to maintain hygiene in the most-trafficked areas such as malls, hospitals, restaurants, schools, etc. Dirt, bacteria, and microbes come with the dust and shoes in any area, whether it's home, school, a restaurant, etc. So, what to do?

You can prevent this situation with our advanced antibacterial vinyl flooring solution. Installing this flooring in your home, kitchen, hospital, restaurant, mall, or school will ensure that the environment will be safe and hygienic.

DeRoots Innovative Antibacterial Vinyl Flooring 

It really doesn’t matter whether your space has wooden flooring, laminate flooring, or any other type of flooring. But the bacteria and microbes will find their way into the flooring; they don’t differentiate between the material, style, colour, etc. You can’t even prohibit the bacteria and dust from coming in via shoes. We all need the most effective cleaning solution that keeps the floor clean and free from bacteria and microbes.

De Roots offers an advanced and innovative antibacterial vinyl flooring solution that protects your flooring from stains and odours that cause bacteria. Our experts build this antibacterial flooring with a top layer of urethane along with advanced antimicrobial technology. This layer will restrict the entry and growth of bacteria by maintaining the flooring clean.

Why choose De Roots?

There are numerous companies in Singapore that offer antibacterial flooring. However, De Roots is Singapore's leading antibacterial flooring supplier for commercial, residential, restaurant, and hospital applications. Here, you will find a versatile type of flooring range with an antibacterial solution to fight bacteria and make your space visually appealing.

We are the top antibacterial vinyl flooring supplier with an innovative product range that works effectively against bacteria, dust, or microbes. To make your flooring clean and germ-free, call us now!


Diamond Gard™ Scratch & Scuff Resistance System

Exclusively developed coating system endows flooring with scratch and impact resistance properties. Engineered for the toughest environment such as pets' claws, pointy shoes and dropped objects. 

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