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Install Quality Outdoor WPC Flooring In Singapore

A home is one’s sanctuary, even though a house is just a piece of concrete. It is where homeowners make enduring memories and look for comfort from the stresses of daily life. Although it may seem straightforward, adding a deck can improve the ambience of your house overall.

An outdoor space plays a significant role in maintaining your home beautifully. The right flooring is crucial to ensure outdoor decking remains serviceable and elegantly appealing. Wood decking feels more comfortable below than ordinary tiles do. Undoubtedly, you can anticipate relaxing on the deck or even bragging to your friends about your own special choice of deck.

De Roots provides high-quality outdoor WPC flooring that gives an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. You will find an extensive range of flooring in different hues and finishes. 

What Is WPC?

WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composites, which are composites which combine thermoplastics with wood fibres. Additionally, other lignocellulosic materials may be present in WPCs. The wood fibres and thermoplastics must be integrated using these chemical additions. Injection moulding is typically used to extrude the material to create WPC. Then, solid panels are created from extruded materials. 

Why Do People Choose WPC Flooring?

There are many reasons why people prefer WPC as a decking material. Below we will mention some:


If you are concerned about your carbon impact, WPC uses thermoplastics and wood fibres, which helps to make it more sustainable. 

Less Maintenance

Cleaning WPC decking is simple. It claims exceptional resistance to the elements and does not draw bugs. Check out some advice on how to keep your wooden floors in good condition. 


The best thing about WPC, it can be recycled completely.


WPC decking is renowned for providing better resistance against bacterial assaults, corrosion, and ageing. It is exceptionally water-resistant. 

The Benefits Of Installing WPC Flooring

WPC Flooring Outdoor is waterproof and moisture-proof. As a result, you won’t need to be concerned about the rot and damage water does to conventional wood flooring. You also won’t need to worry about bugs and termites when using it. This justifies WPCs as being beneficial for your house. 

WPC decking preserves the beauty of real wood flooring. They are simple to use and keep up with. Additionally, you don’t have to paint or colour them. They last a very long time and are strong. 

WPC Is Suitable For Many Areas

WPC flooring can be utilised in various areas of the house. It includes composite fences, boat decks, bridges, flower boxes, park pavilions, swimming pool areas, and outdoor wall panels. They are also suitable for indoor use and on balconies.

De Roots Outdoor WPC Flooring is highly recyclable and environmentally beneficial. They are safe to walk barefoot without fear of slipping.

Get Quality WPC Flooring For Your Outdoor Space

If you want deck flooring that has the beauty of wood without the potential of corroding, choose wood-plastic composite decking. It requires very little upkeep, and ultimately, the beauty and cost savings over upkeep will convince you that you made the right decision. It has a natural appearance, a pleasant scent, and is simple to maintain.

Do You Require Expert Guidance On Selecting The Best Decking Material For Your House?

Contact De Roots, and our flooring experts will walk you through the many flooring options based on your spending limit, aesthetic preferences, and functional requirements.

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