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Adding unique character to any real estate, solid Timber floors only grow more beautiful with age. We offer Solid Timber flooring solutions, as well as services such as re-sanding and re-varnishing for existing Timber flooring.

Burmese Teak_3.jpg

Burmese Teak
Country of Origin: Myanmar

A common teak with a golden/medium brown colour, it is a mostly straight-grain wood that has a coarse, uneven texture. Resistant to termites and decay, this timber is often considered to be very durable.

 Available Sizes:

11 x 50 x 300-600mm                        

11 x 50 x 300-1200mm

11 x 73 x 300-1200mm 

*9mm THK plywood base is also available upon request

*please contact our friendly flooring specialists for other available sizes

American White Oak
Country of Origin: America

One of the most popular species from U.S. forests, American Oak has a very clean, uniform appearance. It has very few knots with a generally straight grain. Yellowish to medium brown, this wood is best used for indoor flooring.

 Available Sizes:

 11 x 70 x 300-1200mm                       

18 x 90 x 300-1200mm

*9mm THK plywood base is also available upon request

*please contact our friendly flooring specialists for other available sizes

American White Oak_3.jpg
American White Oak.jpg

European White Oak
Country of Origin: Germany/France/England

A temperate Hardwood native to Europe, it is highly sought-after for interior flooring and furniture. Sporting a darker brown hue as compared to American Oak, it has a wavy and tight grain and is durable enough to withstand daily use without denting.

Available Sizes:

18 x 95 x 300-1200mm

*9mm THK plywood base is also available upon request

*please contact our friendly flooring specialists for other available sizes

American Walnut
Country of Origin: America

A highly prized Hardwood due to its scarcity and rich chocolate color, it has a beautiful decorative appearance with varied patterns and graining. Its strong and stable properties ensure durability and high shock resistance.

Available Sizes:

18 x 125 x 300-1500mm

American Walnut_2.jpg

*9mm THK plywood base is also available upon request

*please contact our friendly flooring specialists for other available sizes

Solid Timber Skirting

Available Sizes
Teak Skirting (3" Height)
Oak Skirting (3" Height)
Teak Skirting (4" Height)
Oak Skirting (4" Height)
Walnut Skirting (3" Height)
Walnut Skirting (4" Height)

Enhance the Look of Your Home with Timber Flooring Singapore

Floors play a significant role when it comes to creating the most beautiful house. Wood flooring in Singapore is the most popular choice among people. It is a natural wood floor that gives your space an appealing look and cosy feel!

Timber has enhanced the appeal and grace of many residential and commercial spaces over the years. But nowadays, it is highly recommended for new property construction and floor renovation projects. This is because timber flooring not only provides you luxury, comfort, and style to enjoy, but it is quite durable.

Several suppliers offer flooring services, but finding a reliable company is not easy. De Roots is the leading, trustworthy company that offers high-quality flooring products in Singapore. We have a wide variety of flooring options and styles, whether modern, contemporary, or traditional. Find an exact match for your floor!

There are many things you need to know before buying them.

Qualities of Timber Flooring in Singapore

De Roots are one of the most trustworthy and reliable companies in Singapore that provide high-quality timber flooring services. We offer an extensive range of flooring that comes in a variety of designs and colours.

This flooring comes with a variety of qualities that are beneficial for your space. We have curated the fantastic qualities of this flooring.

Various colours, styles, or finishes are available.

Timber gives off a natural beauty that perfectly blends with any décor. Nowadays, interior designers and home dwellers have endless requirements; that's why timber floors come in a variety of styles, colours, and finishes.

easy to clean and maintain.

Many of us think that timber is sensitive to moisture and humidity. Timber does not only give a beautiful appearance but also protects the floor from any damage such as stains, moisture, scratching, and humidity. This flooring doesn't easily attract dirt and germs. By doing regular sweeping and dry mopping, you will easily clean the floors.

Easy to Install

Like other flooring options, it doesn't need any experience to install. Any DIYer can quickly put together the timber boards without any help from professionals.


Once you have decided to install a timber floor, it not only completes the look of your space but will last a lifetime. Yes, it's true; if you properly take care of flooring, it will last for generations.

Want to know more about timber flooring in Singapore? Give us a call or contact our team for queries related to wood flooring in Singapore!

Comparison of Timber Floor Types

Timber floors are the most popular option among homeowners. Besides, there are three types of timber floors: solid timber, engineered timber, and artificial timber. Below, we are differentiating the three main types so you can make a wise decision for your floors.

Solid Timber
Timber Floor Types
Engineered Timber
Artificial Timber
99% water resistance
100% Water resistance
Natural only
Made of layers
Create with synthetic fibres
Less durable
More durable
Highly durable
Difficult to install and can’t be installed as a floating floor.
Easy to install as a floating floor
Simple to install, and it's only installed as a floating floor.
No Cost-Effective
More Cost-Effective
Most Cost-Effective

Why should you buy from us?

If you want to purchase the best quality flooring in Singapore, De Roots is the place. We are a well-known timber supplier company that provides a diverse range at the most competitive price.

We provide solid timber wood flooring Singapore and parquet flooring services based on the client's needs and budget.

Below, we are mentioning some reasons that will help you in your decision!

Quality Assurance

Here, you don't need to worry about quality assurance because we deliver top-notch quality products to clients. For example, our experts choose the best quality of timber for flooring.

Reputable Brand

We have been working in flooring installation and supply for more than 40 years. De Roots is now a well-established brand in Singapore.

Workmanship Assurance

Don't worry about anything; we assure you of our craftsmanship. Every worker ensures client satisfaction, good performance, and production speed.

Deliver on Time

Our professionals ensure that the project's delivery will be on time. Deadlines matter to us, so our workers deliver the product on the day you require.

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