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Personalize Your Outdoor Space With Composite Wood Decking

When it comes to decking the outside area of your home, it is crucial to have decking made from the best materials and installed by experienced fitters. The appearance of your property is the first thing visitors and passersby will notice; thus, the appearance of the deck is very essential.

If you are looking for decking that is both high quality and fashionable, you have found the leading outdoor decking solutions in Singapore with us!

As we know, when it comes to decking installation, workmanship and experience are equally vital to the quality of the product. We have a team of highly skilled installers that have the answers to build any deck you need. Whatever your needs are, the DeRoots team can meet them! 

Composite Wood Decking For Homes

A type of alternative decking known as Composite Wood Decking or WPC is constructed from a combination of wood fibre or wood grain, polymers like PE, PP, and PVC, and a few additives that act as a binding agent.

This material is frequently regarded as the best outdoor decking product for balcony and pool decks in Singapore and other areas of the world due to its magnificent style and rigid wood-polymer composition.

The Key Features Of Composite Decking

DeRoots provides a composite deck that has a unique removable system. It is a premium material made of wood flour and High-density polyethylene with colour impregnated. Below we will mention some key features of composite decking!

  • strong decking board and no water pooling inside.

  • resistant to rot and termites

  • It is treated on the underside to block moisture absorption from below.

  • Durable colours that won't quickly fade over time

  • It doesn't contain any heavy metals.

  • No treatment is required other than periodic cleaning.

  • emit very few volatile organic compounds.

  • A+ class suitable for bare feet


These are the main crucial features of composite decking.

The Benefits Of Installing Wooden Composite Decking

Composite and Engineered Wood Decking are highly recommended for residential and commercial properties. It doesn't require any special maintenance-simply a quick sweep and mop, just as any other floor would do!

Our Composite decking's longevity also guarantees that it can withstand heavy foot traffic. Homeowners who dislike the ongoing upkeep required for wooden decks can choose our Composite decking as well.

Below we have curated some benefits for you that will help you to make your decision!

  • Resistance to cracks, splinters, and scratches

  • Solid and long-lasting Composite decking

  • Realistic wood grains

  • Anti-slip resistant

  • Rot and stain resistant

  • Free from maintenance.


So, if you want to install composite decking in your outdoor space, let us know!

Elevate Your Space With Wood Composite Decking

De Roots is a respectable company known for its high-quality wood decking in Singapore. No matter how unusually shaped the space is, our talented team of designers can work their magic and make your vision a reality. Besides, we provide engineered wood decking at an affordable price!

Maybe you are undecided because of the concern about how outdoor decking will hold up to Singapore's humid climate. As a result, we offer free consultations to our clients!

We are here for you to maintain your peace of mind. If you have any concerns related to composite decking, then feel free to contact us!

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