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Give A Unique Touch To Your Home With Residential Epoxy Flooring

The floor is one of the most crucial aspects of any residential, commercial, or industrial property. The flooring not only improves the beauty of your room but also ensures your safety and makes everyday tasks more productive. You must choose a flooring option that can handle the commotion of your space’s daily activities as a result. The most popular types of flooring are Epoxy flooring.

Many people in Singapore are converting their old flooring systems to epoxy flooring in their homes and businesses. This Residential Epoxy Flooring gives a fantastic surface that offers so many advantages.

Are you seeking attractive, long-lasting flooring alternatives for your home? De Roots is here to assist you in giving the ideal finishing touch to any room in your house. Our professionals are highly skilled and experienced, which makes the entire process simple and pleasurable for every customer. Let us assist you in designing a functional masterpiece that will last.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy refers to the mixture of hardeners and resins. These ingredients interact chemically when combined. When this reaction hardens, a rigid plastic substance is made of cross-polymer structures that are closely connected forms. This material bonding responds well to most base layers, resulting in a sturdy and long-lasting floor surface.

Professional Epoxy coaters apply liquid epoxy to concrete floor surfaces. The liquid then solidifies to create a smooth and durable floor. Due to the porous nature of concrete, the Epoxy coating adheres to the sublayer to produce a solid and smooth Epoxy-finish concrete surface. 

Many Advantages Of Epoxy Flooring For Residents

Epoxy flooring is the most popular option for floors in commercial and high-traffic areas. This flooring is becoming more and more popular in Singapore. This flooring comes with several benefits that make it a popular floor coating in Singapore!

Seamless Finish 

The floors are comfortable to walk on and easy to clean, making them ideal for hygienic applications since there are no seams.

Clear Epoxy Coating

This is a perfect alternative that can be used to create 3D flooring. 

Enhance Home Value

We love enabling homeowners to use their flooring to create a stunning visual display. We can assist you in creating a unique design for your entire house just like the way you want.

Polishing Resistant

An epoxy resin floor coating is used to achieve abrasion resistance in parking, garages, floors, and other demanding applications. It ranks among the toughest coatings on the market. 

Attractive Appeal

This flooring is available in a variety of hues and textures. The epoxy flooring will create an impressive and attractive look for your home.

The Cost of Epoxy Flooring

It costs the least per square metre compared to other flooring solutions, and specific systems can last up to 20 years without any maintenance. 

Ensure the safety

It will protect your family and home from the bacteria and germs that can thrive and grow on floors. Epoxy materials are resistant to even the harshest cleaning agents, allowing you to maintain a spotless home without harming the surface.

How Can You Use Epoxy Flooring?

There are many ways you can use Epoxy flooring in your house. Some are mentioned below.

Transform Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Your kitchen and bathroom are constantly occupied. We recognise that maintaining these spaces’ cleanliness, security, and aesthetic value is crucial for each homeowner. Epoxy flooring in these regularly used areas can minimise water damage while protecting your family from hazardous slips and falls. 

It also controls the spread of germs, mould, and mildew, which is now simpler. Additionally, you can choose a design with our customizable options that enhances the elegance of your cabinetry, appliances, and fixtures.

Upgradation of Garage and Basement

Extreme weather, humidity, spills, and heavy foot traffic can all damage the flooring. Your unfinished concrete may develop cracks as a result of heavy loads or substantial impacts. But our epoxy flooring will provide the protection you require while providing the area with a polished or professional look. Our experts will assist you in building the garage and basement of your dreams.

Modern Home Interior

We love encouraging homeowners to use their flooring to create a stunning visual display. We can assist you in creating a unique design for your entire house. Epoxy flooring is ideal for you if you want a contemporary edge or a practical option for your family, children, and pets. 

Our skilled and experienced team members utilize the most advanced products and methods to give a perfect finish in every space of your home.

Why Choose De Roots For Epoxy Flooring?

When you are planning to install Epoxy flooring on residential or commercial property, connect with us. We are the leading and most trustworthy company that provides the best residential epoxy flooring services in Singapore. Our team has immense knowledge and experience in this field, which enables us to provide excellent solutions at the most competitive price. 

There are many reasons to choose us!

  • One-Day Installation

  • Years of Experience

  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • Free Estimates and Quotes

  • High-Quality Assurance

  • Deliver on Time


If you need any additional information on Epoxy flooring service, don’t hesitate to contact De Roots! 

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