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With The Purchase Of A New HDB Vinyl Flooring Solution

Whether you purchased for build-to-order (BTO) or Resale flat in Singapore, there is a high chance of having to install new or replace HDB Vinyl flooring. Now, Vinyl flooring has become the first choice among homeowners, landlords, and property developers worldwide. Installing Vinyl flooring in your home is perfect for each room, whether it's the living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

But finding a suitable one is tricky. Vinyl flooring has improved a lot in its design and quality over time. You will find an extensive range of varieties, including textures and patterns, that transform your house into a completely different look. At DeRoots, we are one of Singapore's leading vinyl flooring suppliers, with a wide range of varieties at the most affordable price.

Things Need to be Considered Before Choosing HDB Vinyl Flooring

Flooring is the most significant aspect of your home's interior design. It has the capability of creating the perfect design for your home. But the wrong selection of flooring will ruin everything. So, you must keep some crucial things in mind before selecting a vinyl flooring option. 

De Roots has years of experience in this field, so the professionals curated the essential things to consider when choosing the floor. Let's have a look!


First, you need to prepare an interior design for your home. This will help you in selecting the right design for flooring for your home. Many houses in Singapore have different flooring in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. It is because every room has its own purpose and vibes. 

The layout of furniture in the living room will dictate which type of flooring to use. The cabinets in the kitchen will show the type of flooring to install. So, it's crucial to have a proper design before selecting!

Right Material

The next thing is a suitable material for your home. Finding the right material is significant for your better home experience. Singapore has a wide variety of materials for flooring, so find the most suitable one for your requirements. 

Every home has different needs, so always prefer to select the material as per your needs. You will find a wide range of materials for various needs. But there is one material that stands out from the rest: vinyl. It is the most suitable material for all conditions!


A budget is essential in selecting the type of HDB flooring for your home. In this situation, you will run out of money while renovating and designing your home. People will prefer to buy inexpensive flooring, but it will be costly in the future.

So, it would be best to find the finest quality vinyl flooring for your home. Vinyl flooring is affordable, attractive, and the best choice for your home.

Specifications For HDB Flooring Tiles

De Roots offers high-quality Vinyl flooring that comes in a variety of designs and patterns. Vinyl flooring provides abundant specifications, which is beneficial for your home!

  • Stain-resistant

  • Longevity 

  • Scratch-resistant

  • Easy to maintain and clean

  • Waterproof

  • Durability


These are the crucial features of vinyl flooring for HDB houses. This will help you make your decision on whether you should choose vinyl flooring or not! 

Why Choose HDB Vinyl Flooring For Your Home?

If you are still confused about whether you should buy vinyl flooring or not, this will surely help you. There are many reasons to choose vinyl flooring that benefit your home in many ways!

Attractive Designs

Nowadays, cutting-edge technology replaces the ugly plastic-looking vinyl flooring with an ultra-realistic wooden finish. Now, you can find a beautiful range of flooring that comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

There are many commercial places, like hospitals, restaurants, schools, etc., where hygiene is the topmost priority. Installing vinyl flooring makes it easy to clean up spills and mess. But HDB Vinyl Flooring in Singapore is 100% waterproof and can endure water exposure.

Perfect Home Solution

The best solution for your home is vinyl flooring. It is perfect for every room, whether it be the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. But these types of home flooring are the best choices for your space. It is also available in various materials, such as wood, ceramic, and marble.

Excellent Foot Comfort

When you choose from the variety of vinyl flooring, you will enjoy a smooth and comfortable walk. As we know, when we wake up and walk on the cold and hard floor, it's very uncomfortable. But installing HDB home vinyl flooring will give you a pleasant and warm feeling while walking.

Why Choose De Roots?

De Roots is recognised as the most trustworthy and reliable vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore. We provide HDB Vinyl Flooring in Singapore for both commercial and residential areas at affordable prices. Our team of specialists will ensure that the flooring work is done professionally by taking care of HDB's list of regulations. 
Here are some reasons that make us the best company for vinyl flooring!

Well-Established Company

We have more than 40 years of experience in the field of installing and supplying flooring. Deep Roots is a registered company in Singapore.

A Cost-Effective Solution

At De Roots, you will find high-quality products at affordable prices. We ensure that our customers get best-in-class flooring solutions at a competitive price.

Assurance of Quality

We are a well-recognized company in Singapore that aims to provide top-quality service to customers. Our highly skilled and experienced team ensures top-class flooring installation in residential and commercial areas.

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