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Quality Parquet Wood Flooring Solution For Your Home

Flooring your home is such a significant design task. But what kind of flooring is required for your home? Finding this will be such a time-consuming task. There are a variety of designs, styles, colours, materials, and types of flooring available on the market. So, it's quite confusing for people to find the perfect option for their home flooring!

But one material that is quite popular for flooring is Parquet Wood Flooring. It is one of the most popular alternatives for flooring among people in Singapore. If you want to install Parquet flooring in your home, De Roots is indeed the number one option.

Why Is Wooden Parquet Flooring A Popular Option?

Wooden Parquet flooring has become one of the most popular choices in Singapore. It will provide you with an attractive appeal, durability, and versatility. This flooring is crafted with the most refined wooden grains, and then it is arranged to create a beautiful and unique pattern. Many flooring pieces are available in planks, tiles, and other forms, so you can choose the most suitable one to decorate your space.

Wooden Parquet flooring displays solid wood floors' authentic style and appeal. With the availability of various patterns, hues, and finishes. Selecting the one that complements the décor of your commercial and residential spaces is crucial in the creation of the perfect space.

Solid Wood Flooring is often more costly in terms of  require acquiring, installing, and maintaining. However, Parquet floor in Singapore are inexpensive in all of these ways. These are all the elements that make Wooden Parquet flooring a great choice!

Reasons For Acquiring Wooden Parquet Flooring

There are some things you need to know before opting for Parquet Wooden flooring. We are a well-known Singapore company that has been providing Parquet Wooden flooring services for many years. They have immense knowledge and experience in the floor fitting field. 

We have curated some essential reasons to choose Parquet Wooden flooring for your home!

Multiple designs are available

You will find a wide selection of Wooden parquet flooring to style up your space. The flooring is offered in multiple designs, patterns, colors, and finishes, so you can easily select one based on the décor of your space. Doing this will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. 

Choose the option or style of Wooden Parquet flooring that complements the rest of your furniture and other décor accessories as well. 

Fast Installation

Most flooring products come with installation instructions, and sometimes you will require professional assistance. But Wooden Parquet flooring comes with the right features and designs, and you can easily install it without needing any specialist help. This will help in the easy and fast installation of Wooden Parquet flooring.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

You will not need to purchase expensive cleaning products or equipment if you install this flooring in your space. It requires less maintenance. Regular sweeping, mopping, and dusting will work to keep the floors clean and shiny for a long time. In case of spills, you don't need to worry about just wiping it off. 

Wooden Parquet flooring doesn't require waxing, sanding, or polishing, so it will be beneficial because you have to spend little on the maintenance and repair of floors. As compared to the other flooring options, it is extremely cost efficient. 

Get Professional Fitting For Parquet Wood Flooring

De Roots is the trusted company that delivers the best Wooden Parquet floors in Singapore for residential and commercial properties. Our team of experienced specialists provides professional fitting for Wooden Parquet flooring from start to finish.

Below, we will mention our process!

Prepare the Sub-floors

Firstly, we prepare the sub-floors to ensure excellent flooring work.

Lay the parquet blocks

After the sizing of blocks, our professional fitters will lay the parquet blocks to create classic and contemporary patterns. 

Types of Parquet Wooden Flooring

We supply a wide range of parquet wooden flooring, so the customer can choose as per their needs.

Sanding and Polishing

Our team only uses professional and dust-free sanding or polishing equipment and machines for sanding and polishing Parquet floors. 

Size of Parquet Blocks

You will find the different sizes of parquet blocks, and we even manufacture custom-sized blocks. This will ensure the perfect fit in your area with complete satisfaction. 

Get the best Parquet floor fitting services in Singapore with us. After handling the floor fitting project with us, you can rest assured. Our team is highly professional and completes all the Parquet fitting tasks to provide the best possible standards. Additionally, we pay close attention to every detail related to floor fitting. If you are looking for Wooden Parquet flooring services, get in touch with our experts!

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